Price List

Pour and bore main bearings 700.00
Recondition Crankshaft 120.00
Install Custom Rear Seal (at rebuild) 75.00
We no longer offer this seal as a standard procedure because of multiple failures. It is offered as a customer requested item with ABSOLUTELY no warranty!
I do repair the slinger on cranks that have been damaged by cutting the slinger off 50.00
Fit piston pins 30.00
Bore cylinders 100.00
Sleeve cylinders 100.00 (each)
Complete Valve Jobs Using Modern Valves and Guides 345.00
Complete Valve Jobs Using Modern Oversize Intake Valves and Guides 395.00
Install Stellite Seats if Necessary or Requested 20.00 plus seat (each)
Resurface Block or Head Deck 75.00
Surface Manifolds 45.00
Complete Stock Rebuild of Your Short Block or Exchange- Model A 2295.00 Model B 2495.00

Unfortunately, because of price increases of almost every component of the engine, we have had to increase the price of our rebuild accordingly. We apologize for this but things like this are inevitable in our economy.

Model A Short Block

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